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Stockholmsbuss Quality Assurance

- Stockholmsbuss has as main mission to ensure the safety for our passengers and employees.
- Our drivers are regularly trained in road safety, skid control, CPR and security education. (See film below)
- All buses are equipped with alcohol lock.
- Emergency plan is available in case of an emergency.
- Daily check that all drivers have the right qualifications to drive the vehicles.
- Regular training of YKB (Driver Certificate of Professional Competence). Ongoing education regarding driving times and rest periods as well as current transportation laws.
- Traffic management that ensures that transport agreements for drivers / carriers is fulfilled.
- Naturally we have ongoing controls to ensure that all of our staff has the correct qualification that our work requires.

Safety Policy
Stockholmsbuss highest priority is our passenger’s safety.

· We always inform about seatbelts on the bus.
· All buses are equipped with alcohol locks
· Our buses are equipped with seat belts and fire extinguishing equipment in the engine compartment as well as in the passenger's area.
· Our drivers have continuous health check-ups.


Alcohol and drug- policy

· Commitment and support from colleagues and supervisors to prevent the development of ill health among employees in the organization.
· All employees contribute to a developing and positive work environment. Stockholmsbuss operations are completely in contradiction to the use of alcohol and drugs.
· Alcohol in these documents means alcoholic beverages that exceeds light beer or similar. In these documents, drugs refer to narcotic, anabolic steroids and over-consumption of prescripted drugs.

· The purpose of the policy is to report our values, that will result in a competent way of managing alcohol and drug related- issues.

Objectives & strategy

· Every employee should be aware of the risks of alcohol abuse and drug abuse within the company, personnel under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not accepted.
· No abuse of drugs is allowed in the workplace and an employee who is affected will be offered rehabilitation for the abuse and thereby keep their employment. Suspicion or finding of insobriety or other drug use is handled according to the action plan.
· Stockholmsbuss have an alcohol- and drug-free working environment.

Ground Rules

- Consumption of alcohol is not allowed during exercise of the office or in our workplace. No alcohol or drug-related activities are allowed in the workplace.
- Alcohol in broken packages is not allowed in the workplace. Exceptions to the rule above can be made in connection with special activities or representation.
- No employees may be under the influence of alcohol during working hours. The use of drugs must not occur – not even at leisure.

Preventive work

- Rootedness of policy documents and action plans shall be done through information to employees and contractors.
- Supervisors and managers make sure that the policy and action plan are understood and followed.
- Managers, supervisors, union representatives and other responsible personnel receive continuous training in alcohol- and drug- issues in order to act professionally.
- The policy and the action plan have been established by the company management and union representatives in cooperation.
- All our vehicles are equipped with alcohol lock.