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Ambulance drivers for Covid-19 missions

After the Coronavirus outbreak our world has changed. Some have lost their jobs, some will get ill, some have lost a close friend or family member. No one will make it out of this crisis untouched.

Everyone needs to contribute in order to help and protect each other. When someone gets contaminated, we wish to contribute with our knowledge and resources. Therefore, some of our drivers have chosen to become ambulance drivers (for Covid-19 patients). As we already have the driver-gene in our blood this “fits us like a glove”, whilst we are able to help the society during these hard times.

As we speak, you might not see our majestic vehicles driving around town, that with firm and steady hands are usually being carried out by our proud professional drivers, but instead you will see our co-workers in one of the yellow Covid-19 ambulances. We want to say thank you for giving us the chance to help out.

These drivers will naturally come back as our bus drivers as soon as the pandemic is over. The rest of our drivers still stands at your disposal for any transportation you may need today. We long for the time when we again will see our proud drivers driving around in our coaches with you as our passengers!

We like our job, and it shows!

Ambulance drivers for Covid-19 missions