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Stockholmsbuss & Delfinbuss became one

When two became one.

On  the 1st of December 2018 the coach companies Stockholmsbuss and Delfinbuss merged together. Both companies are today celebrating 31 years in the service-business industry and have, throughout their existence, helped each other and co-operated.

In the winter of 2018 Delfinbuss took over the garage in Tyresö (south of Stockholm) and some of the Stockholmsbuss coaches. The name Stockholmsbuss remains and the coaches are still marked with the Stockholmbuss logo.

Stockholmsbuss & Delfinbuss became one

- We have always been tight allies, working side by side and helping each other. So, our natural next step was to unite when the former owner of Stockholmbuss, Göran, decided to retire. Staff easily adapted to their new roles and fit seamlessly into the Delfinbuss-family, who greeted them with open arms.

Clients were happy to continue their relationship with their trusted drivers, whilst also getting to know new faces. To ensure a smooth and beneficial merge for everyone, Göran is still "in the background", always at hand when questions arise.

The most important part of the merge was to retain our clients and staffs’ trust in us, to ensure they knew their wellbeing is our primary focus at all times! That is the foundation of our united future.